Events & Courses

Fostering connections, building relationships, invest time in our community by hosting marketing, AI, and critical thinking workshops that builds confidence.


AI for Small Business Growth Workshop

Our workshop addresses key questions such as: What are the best AI tools and platforms available to small businesses seeking to enhance their branding and marketing efforts? How can small businesses effectively implement AI in their branding and marketing strategies?

Where And How To Start Marketing Your Business

In this video, we discuss the 4 Pillars of Marketing. Cold outreach, Warm Outreach, Content Marketing, and Paid Ads. We explore where you can find your next customer. The tools that you can use to find your dream client! Tools like SIMILARWEB.COM, APOLLO.IO,, and much more!



Struggling to Define Your Brand Strategy?

In this video, we will address the challenges creatives and businesses face in crafting an effective brand strategy. The goal is to provide creatives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners with thought-provoking questions that will guide them on their journey to developing a clear and compelling brand strategy that resonates with their audience and helps them achieve their objectives.

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